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Biometric signature - example application with JIRA

Biometric signatures are undoubtedly the future of modern business. However, signaturiX can be used not only for customer service. It is also perfect for an organisation's internal document workflow.

The signaturiX biometric signature offers: convenience, accessibility from anywhere, updates, usability, UX, fast integration with other systems in the organisation, customisation allowing changes to be made according to customers' needs and expectations, multi-faceted control and, most importantly, security.


Imagine an organisation employing hundreds or even thousands of people. The HR department assigns and the warehouse issues to each employee: computers, telephones, cars or other tools necessary for everyday, effective work at a given position. Let us also remember about production companies, where countless components and means necessary for manufacturing the final product are issued from warehouses. Most often, at least part of the document flow is electronic.


However, if an employee accepts equipment or tools belonging to the company, he or she usually signs for them on paper, right? Theoretically, there is control over this, but in fact there is no control. Despite having an ERP system and being integrated with a workflow system, protocols are still printed to obtain the employee's signature. Paper documents are stored in various departments, there are a lot of them and it is difficult to verify any information in a quick and efficient manner. The information in the ERP system often does not match the paper records and it is difficult to determine what an employee actually has in stock.


However, there is a solution. The use of the biometric signature signaturiX as a module in the JIRA system. This is a dream come true for decision makers or purchasing, logistics or warehouse departments. 


How does it work? 

When an employee comes to a department, e.g. logistics or warehouse, he is assigned his work tools (computer, telephone, car, helmet, work clothes, etc.). Each of these items can be collected in a different department (e.g. a computer in the IT department, a car in transport, a helmet and working clothes in the OHS department). In each of these departments, he receipts the receipt of the items on the tablet via a secure biometric signature. The biometrically signed document is immediately sent to the JIRA system, where the order automatically changes its status and can be sent to the next step in the defined workflow. At the same time, the information goes further into the ERP system, and the signed protocol itself is sent to the employee's mailbox. Thanks to this, it will always be known and the management will be able to easily verify the status and needs for equipping employees with work equipment at any time and from any place in the world. The system can also be accessed by the HR or OHS department, which can instantly check whether the selected employees have collected the work tools assigned to them. And in the case of changes in labour law or OSH regulations? Without the slightest problem we will find groups of employees, who are entitled to additional benefits due to the provisions of the law, and we will be able to start distributing them in a fast and trouble-free manner - without printing special forms on paper or leafing through binders with employee data. The employee simply comes to the warehouse, receives certain tools or items, signs on the tablet that he or she has received them and that is it. That is all and that is all.


Digitisation is not going to bypass us, and in organisations where there is a strong focus on cost optimisation it is worth exploring the benefits of implementing singaturiX biometric signatures, especially in conjunction with JIRA.

Publication date: 30 September 2018
Author: Marcin Sikorski
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