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Signature for the digital age

signaturiX is a modern, technologically advanced tool that allows you to conveniently and secure handwritten signature of electronic documents on a tablet.


We create practical, convenient and technologically advanced IT solutions that streamline common business processes and make them more convenient, faster, cheaper and
environmentally friendly. Our handwritten electronic signature signaturiX is an example of this.


Created in the spirit of paperless, the system allows us to digitise the processes associated with excessive paper production. Thanks to signaturiX, we are able to save the existence of many trees and have a real influence on shaping the future.

The handwritten signature created in signaturiX has biometric-graphological information to identify authenticity. It helps solve about 99% of situations that require a statement of intent expressed by a signature. It is a signature for the modern world.


Types of electronic signatures supported in signaturiX

Electronic handwriting

(biometric signature)

Written form

Electronic qualified

(online in the cloud)

Electronic form

(equivalent to written form)


(without biometrics)

 Documentary form

Electronic basic


 Documentary form

The signing process

The PDF document is displayed on a tablet equipped with a pressure-sensitive matrix. The customer then signs the document using a stylus. During the signing process, biometric-graphological data are collected (such as position, speed, acceleration of the stylus movement and pressure on the matrix). The biometric data collected in electronic form are encrypted and stored inside the document, guaranteeing high data security.

Open a document on the tablet
Electronically sign the document
The document has been signed!

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Find out how signaturiX works and learn more about our innovative technology.


signaturiX is used wherever a large number of documents requiring a signature are produced, such as contracts, consents, regulations or questionnaires - for example in any customer service office.

Finance and banking


Customer service offices

Transport and logistics

Health service



Real estate and construction



Time and cost savings

signaturiX reduces the costs associated with printing, sending and storing documents. The system streamlines many business processes and services.


Convenience and automation

signaturiX streamlines document delivery, retrieval and archiving processes. It helps to eliminate the risk of mistakes when filling out documents. 


The tool is integrated with a unique Trusted Third Party service, provided by a qualified Trust Service provider, which guarantees the confidentiality of the biometric data. The authenticity and integrity of the signature is ensured by a qualified electronic seal. The data collected have evidential value and can be used for a possible verification of the handwritten signature by an authorised forensic expert. 


Legality of the handwritten signature

The advanced electronic signature is eIDAS compliant. The system generates a PDF file compliant with eIDAS requirements and the ISO 32000-1:2008 and 19794-7 standards in PAdES B-T format. Signature creation using signaturiX is sufficient to preserve the written form.

Real business support

Improving business efficiency and supporting paperless solutions is possible with modern technology.
Cost of printing. Paper documents are directly related to the cost of running the printer and regularly refilling the toner cartridge. signaturiX significantly optimises these costs. 
Paper purchase. signaturiX supports paperless processes and saves money on the purchase of the required number of reams of paper. 
Cost of handling paper documents. signaturiX improves time management and reduces the cost of handling paper documents. Employees spend significantly less time collecting traditional signatures, photocopying, archiving or sending contracts, and document processing can be reduced to as little as one day. 
Transport. signaturiX allows you to optimise the costs associated with sending paper documents. Branch offices, including international ones, no longer have to use courier and carrier services. This modern solution also contributes to environmental protection and reduces carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. 
Archiving. Paper documents need to be properly stored for a legally defined period of time. Large amounts of office space or storage space have to be set aside and trained staff has to be employed. With digitisation, these costs are significantly reduced or eliminated altogether.


Signing and record keeping has never been so easy. signaturiX is a signature for the digital age - its advanced technology increases business efficiency and is easy to implement.

Stages of implementation

As partners in the creation of practical and modern solutions, we carefully examine and check the needs of our customers. The smooth implementation of the system from the earliest stage of implementation to the final product is supervised by our specialists.

Case study

signaturiX supports companies in numerous business-related processes. The solution has already been appreciated in many business areas and is being successfully implemented in further industries. 

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