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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, companies have moved to remote working mode. It is important that such a solution does not have a negative impact on the operation of the organisation. Therefore, employees use remote communicators, emails, tools for teamwork. However, what if a contract, order, protocol or application needs to be signed?

The signaturiX handwritten electronic signature solution has so far been dedicated mainly to Customer Service Offices, where, thanks to our proprietary multi-screen functionality (so-called online synchronisation), filling in and signing the document by the customer becomes very easy. and convenient.


However, such a work mode requires the presence of at least two persons (Advisor and Client), and the signing devices are used by many clients. In the current reality, we need an easy, fast and efficient way to sign, without having to leave home and have dedicated devices. For this you can also use signaturiX.


signaturiX is an online solution which is implemented in the IT infrastructure of our customers. Of course, if the company has a CRM/Jira solution, signaturiX via API can become an integral part of such an environment. However, if the organisation is small and not based on CRM or workflow systems, signaturiX can also work as a stand-alone system, just for the handwritten signature of electronic documents.


Advanced electronic signature on a simple smartphone?

During the signature process signaturiX collects all the biometric data provided by the device, therefore in order to obtain the best quality biometrics, it is necessary to use devices equipped with a stylus capable of registering the pen pressure on the screen. These devices can be a tablet, a computer with a signpad, a 2-in-1 computer, a suitable laptop or a smartphone with a stylus. However, most of us have ordinary smartphones that we operate with our finger. In signaturiX can we make a handwritten signature with our finger on a regular smartphone? If we set our system to do so, we can. Moreover, it will still be a biometric signature. Of course, the quality of the biometric data collected will not match those collected on a device with a stylus, not even the data on the strength of the pressure on the screen will be collected. However, in addition to the image of the signature, the dynamics, velocities, accelerations on each section of the signature will be collected. These biometric data, in the event of a legal dispute, may help an expert to verify the signatory. It is worth noting that such a signature may contain data unambiguously identifying the signatory (e.g. name, e-mail address) and the use of a qualified electronic seal and a qualified time stamp ensures that the signature is an integral part of the document. We know exactly when the signature was affixed and subsequent changes to the document are very easily detected (by the mechanisms of PDF viewing programs such as Adobe Reader). All this means that also in the case of a fingerprint signature on a phone, we can talk about an advanced electronic signature compliant with eIDAS.


Child-friendly signing

Ok. You already have signaturiX installed on your server, which you connect to via a web browser on your computer. On your desk lies a smartphone (with or without a stylus), with the signaturiX mobile application installed. Time to get down to signing.


You log into your system (e.g. CRM). You select the document you want to sign in the system and click on "Sign". The document opens in signaturiX on your computer screen. You fill in the document and click on the signature field with the mouse. A window opens on which you can place your handwritten signature. The computer screen is not touchscreen? No problem. You can select mobile signature and a QR code will appear on the screen. Simply launch the signaturiX mobile app and use it to scan the code from your computer screen.


Scanning a QR code from your laptop screen


Did it work? Your smartphone screen has just turned into a handwritten signature device! You sign on your phone - with a stylus or even your finger. You press the "confirm" button and voila!




After a while, you see the document signed by you on the computer screen and it automatically goes into your system (e.g. CRM). The whole process took only a moment. Easy, light and pleasant. No stress. All within your company's internal infrastructure. 


Is there something simpler and more effective?

Publication date: 14 April 2020
Author: Marcin Sikorski
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