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About the project

Santander Leasing, a leading leasing company in the financing of vehicles, machinery and equipment, signs over 40,000 contracts and leasing loans annually, which until recently involved generating a large number of paper documents. The company wanted to introduce paperless solutions. Our signaturiX system turned out to be the perfect answer to this challenge.


Out of concern for the natural environment, Santander Leasing decided to abandon paper contracts and replace them with their digital equivalents. The company wanted to increase business efficiency and increase the security of the process of concluding contracts and processing customer data.

The digitization of the traditional way of signing documents was intended to emphasize innovation and position the company as a pioneer of the Polish leasing market. An important element of the changes was also the reduction of costs related to paper handling, i.e. the costs of purchasing reams of paper, printers, shipments and archiving.

Environmental Protection
Client wanted to give up paper contracts and replace them with fully secure, digital equivalents.
A large number of documents
Santander Leasing signs over 40,000 documents with clients every year, which requires a lot of paper.
High costs
The company faced high operating costs, which included, among others: purchase of paper, ink and operation of printers.


We offered Santander Leasing our innovative product - handwritten electronic signature signaturiX along with Certum trust services (qualified seal and time stamp) provided by Asseco Data Systems. As it quickly turned out, the implementation was a very good decision. The solution called BioPodpis is the first application of a technologically advanced biometric signature in the leasing industry in Poland.

Thanks to the implemented technology, Santander Leasing customers can conveniently conclude a contract in electronic form, while meeting the requirements of maintaining a written form under pain of nullity. After accepting the leasing conditions, the Customer receives documents for approval in a digital version (in the form of PDF files). Using our technology, he signs them with a handwritten electronic signature. During its submission, biometric features are recorded, i.e. pressure on the screen matrix and speed, which guarantees the credibility of the signature. Then, the documents are signed by the company's representative with his qualified electronic signature, and the Client receives the concluded contract and prepared documents by e-mail and has access to them on the e-BOK24 platform.
The market advantage of BioSignature is integration with Asseco's qualified trust services compliant with the eIDAS regulation: a qualified seal and a qualified electronic time stamp, which translate into the highest level of security. Encrypting files protects them against changes in the content or use of biometric data contained in the submitted signature. Biometric data enabling graphological analysis of the signature will remain safe, and access to them may only be granted to a court expert authorized by a court or other institution.

The employee prepares documents in a digital version (PDF files).
Customer confirms the data with a handwritten electronic signature.
Customer receives signed documents by e-mail and can view them on the e-BOK24 platform.
Encrypted files are stored safely in the system.


BioSignature increased customer convenience and accelerated customer service time. After the first months after implementation, almost 35% of contracts were concluded using the new solution - now selected advisors sign over 80% of contracts in this form. Operating costs related to paper document circulation were reduced. The company saved over half a million sheets of paper and thus saved at least 50 trees a year.

Ecological aspect of the entire process is an advantage particularly appreciated by customers. This is a confirmation of the company's modern image and a bold step towards the digitization of business processes and the introduction of groundbreaking paperless solutions, such as signaturiX, into everyday life.

  • Electronic document circulation.
  • Convenient access to documentation on the e-BOK24 portal.
  • Concluding leasing contracts and loans with a handwritten electronic signature.
  • Implementation of Certum trust services.
  • Safe data storage in the system.
  • A modern image of a leasing company.
  • Speeding up customer service time.
  • Optimization of operational costs related to the handling of paper documents.
  • Increasing the security of stored data thanks to qualified services.
  • Elimination of the risk of errors when completing documents.
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