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About the project

The Polsat Plus Group wanted to reduce the number of paper documents generated. It was not only about reducing operating costs, but also about the environment. The jointly developed solution streamlined sales processes and in just one month saved nearly 3 million sheets of paper and a hectare of forest.


The operations of companies comprising the Polsat Plus Group - one of the leaders of the European media and telecommunications market - are connected with generating a large number of documents in numerous points of sales service (POS)


located throughout Poland. The Group faced the problem of high costs of handling the traditional document flow in POS (cost of paper, printing, monthly and unit cost of archiving in eArchiplex , cost of leasing printers). In addition, all activities related to the traditional handling of the sales transaction at the POS - completing attachments, verification and archiving of paper documents - were time-consuming


It was also important for the Group to support the modern image of the organisation and to take further measures in line with the company's pro-environmental policy. 


As it turned out, we had a great answer to these goals, and implementing signaturiX was the right decision.

High costs
The traditional POS workflow was associated with high paper and printing costs, as well as monthly and unit archiving costs in eArchiplex.
Long document circulation
Sales transactions required time-consuming completion of the necessary documents, and additional verification and archiving prolonged the process. 
Ecological activities
The Polsat Plus Group was keen to support environmental protection activities, which have been carried out for many years and are an important element of the company's policy.


After an in-depth analysis of the challenges faced by the Polsat Plus Group, a solution involving the implementation of signaturiX together with Certum qualified services (qualified seal and time stamp) provided by Asseco Data Systems and Samsung tablets was adopted.

signaturiX was integrated with the sales systems, which are the source and destination of the created documents. Thanks to this integration, customers of the Polsat Plus Group have gained the ability to sign agreements and annexes in electronic form using a digital signature applied by hand on a dedicated screen using a stylus.


The salesperson now enters the data and prepares the documents for the customer in the sales systems, which displays the QR code generated by signaturiX for the documents to be signed. The POS employee uses a tablet with the signaturiX software to scan the QR code from the screen (of the sales system), after which the proposal of the agreed contract terms or the final contract appears on the tablet. The documents are approved accordingly or hand-signed by the customer. The salesperson signs them in the same way. The documents bear a qualified company stamp and a qualified time stamp , which translates into the highest level of security. The signed documents - in the form of an encrypted PDF file - are sent to the e-mail address specified by the customer and to the e-Archive.

The employee scans the QR code and displays the document on the tablet.
The customer endorses the document and provides a handwritten electronic signature.
The document is sent in a secure electronic form to the customer and the e-Archive.


Thanks to the implementation of signaturiX together with Certum qualified services and Samsung tablets, the process of handling sales transactions at the POS has been optimised. The security level of the entire document workflow has been increased - what, who, where and when has been signed is always recorded, which provides additional security against external interference and the risk of fraud. Errors on printouts and the need to replenish lost documents have been eliminated.


Group customers no longer leave the point of sale with a stack of documents that may get lost or damaged. They now receive the documents of the sales transaction at a specified e-mail address, so they are always at hand and easy to store. The ecological aspect is also becoming increasingly important to customers, which is why they are more willing to sign contracts electronically instead of on paper.


Moreover Grupa Polsat Plus has been taking action to protect the environment for many years . Already after the first month from the introduction of the system for electronic signing of contracts nearly 3 million sheets of paper have been saved. This is more than 300 trees, or a hectare of forest!


It really is a huge leap

  • Approval of contracts by handwritten electronic signature. 
  • Electronic storage and transmission of documents.
  • Implementation of qualified services.
  • Protection of documents against external interference.
  • Ability to update data on an ongoing basis.
  • Increased security of stored data.
  • Reduce costs associated with traditional paper document handling.
  • Accelerate and improve service quality at the POS.
  • Elimination of mistakes made when filling in documents.
  • A modern image for a company in the telecommunications industry. 
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