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About the project

We have implemented in InPost a modern, technologically advanced tool for convenient and secure digital document signing. Believing that it could be the perfect answer to the needs of the logistics industry leader - we were not wrong. 


InPost as the largest logistics operator in Poland faced the challenge of optimising the process of sending-signing-receiving documents. The company uses the ROD (return of documents) service - SmartCourier, which consists in delivering documents to the addressee who is obliged to sign them in the presence of a courier. They are then taken back by the courier and delivered to the sender. This is a practical service that we have been able to improve and modernise.

Long document circulation times
The previous workflow process involved long lead times, with the courier delivering documents for signature at the earliest on the next working day after posting, and returning them to the sender taking a further 2 working days. 
Logistical complications
In addition, it was logistically quite complex and could involve the risk of lost shipments and the possible incompleteness of signed documents. 
RODO provisions
An additional challenge was to maintain the confidentiality of personal data due to the current RODO regulations. 


We decided to offer InPost our innovative product - signaturiX handwritten electronic signature - believing that it could be the perfect answer to the needs of the logistics industry leader. We were right - as a result, we were able to work out an optimal solution together. ROD's existing SmartCourier service was integrated with our signaturiX product to create a new service which was as secure and convenient as possible - e-SmartCourier.

It is enough for InPost customers to send the relevant documentation in electronic form, and the documents to be signed go straight to the courier's tablet. The recipient signs the document with a biometric stylus on the tablet in his presence, after verifying his identity and providing the appropriate SMS code to open the package (sent to the recipient on his phone - the courier cannot open the package himself and read the contents of the document). The system checks whether all required fields in the documents and the waybill are properly filled in. After completing the formalities (signing the documents, waybill and checklist), the documents are returned to the sender in a secure, electronic form. All documents are marked with a qualified stamp, which gives contractors absolute certainty that both the document and the signature are secure. 

Transfer of documentation in electronic form to the courier's tablet.
There is a verification of identity, a procedure for opening documents and completing formalities.
Providing a biometric signature in the presence of a courier.
Sending the document back to the sender in a secure electronic form.


The entire process of verification, signing of documents and their return to the sender takes just a few minutes, allowing the service provider to almost immediately launch the service to which the customer is contracted.  SignaturiX also completely avoids the risk of lost documents, and the multi-step security system for e-SmartCourier shipments prevents documents from being shared with third parties. In addition, the implementation of signaturiX has reduced the number of paper documents generated and made the whole process much more ecological and economical.

  • Complete electronic documentation of the entire process.
  • Only the designated recipient has the relevant data to decrypt the document on the courier's tablet.
  • Automating the process at the sender's premises. 
  • The application controls the filing of documents. 
  • Current view of shipment status by sender. 
  • Control of the entire process in electronic form.
  • Great savings due to the absence of printing and postage costs. 
  • Significantly increased confidentiality in the signing process. 
  • Streamlining the process, the sender does not have to wait for the courier to send the documents. 
  • Eliminating common errors when completing documents. 
  • Building a modern image of the courier company.
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