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About the project

Beauty Skin Health and Beauty Clinic provides surgery and aesthetic medicine services. It struggled with the lack of data flow between its offices. We modernised the registration and patient service process and took care of the security of data stored in the cloud.


Beauty Skin Health and Beauty Clinic has three offices - two located in Warsaw and one in Radom. The clinic had a problem with the fast and free flow of data between offices located in different locations. The activity of the company involves the generation of a large number of documents - clients undergoing treatment are required to fill in appropriate questionnaires (containing data on past illnesses, allergies, sensitivities, etc.) prior to their treatment, and clinic staff fill in treatment-related cards (with information on their specifics, the persons performing them, dates, etc.). Until now, client-specific documents were kept in paper form and stored at the place where they were filled out, which made it difficult to update data conveniently and to circulate information quickly between clinics. The company wanted to solve the problem with patient charts and treatment charts and make all the necessary information contained in them always up-to-date and more widely available.

No data flow
Paper documents were kept at the place where they were completed, making clients dependent on using the services of only one of the three surgeries. 
Generation of a large number of documents
The business has significant costs associated with the purchase of paper and toners. The company found it difficult to update data conveniently. 
Data security
The challenge was to create a secure IT infrastructure for data storage that could be accessed by all surgeries.


Thanks to the implementation of signaturiX, clients of the clinic fill in the necessary documents on a tablet. After filling in the information sheet, they sign it with a handwritten electronic signature via our technology. The system generates a PDF file compliant with eIDAS requirements and ISO 32000-1:2008 and 19794-7 standards in PAdES B-T format, then saves it in the cloud. The electronic signature is also used to confirm the completed treatments.

Client processes and documents (information sheets, treatment sheets) have been moved to the cloud, so that every practice, when a client makes an appointment, has access to the data they need - although of course clients, if they wish, can reserve it for only one of them.


In addition, we have introduced the most beneficial for the client licensing model based on the number of signatures (by clients and employees). Billing is based on the "number of signatures used" through our solution. This model proves ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Patients provide a handwritten electronic signature on the completed document.
The system generates a PDF file compliant with eIDAS requirements and ISO standards.
The document is stored in the cloud with high data security.
Each practice has access to the information and treatment history they need.


Going paperless, speeding up processes, placing the system in the cloud and maintaining high data security - these were the key words for our implementation. It also confirmed that with full cooperation with the customer and well-defined assumptions and output data, it can be completed in a really short time - in this case it was less than a month.


It is worth mentioning that the implementation of signaturiX in Beauty Skin Health and Beauty Clinic was unique for us - until now we have done it in large organisations. In addition, it took place during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, with limited personal contact and fully remote. These challenges were not a problem for us, which resulted in the enduring delight of the clinic's patients.

  • Electronic, complete patient records stored in a secure cloud.
  • Making appointments at any of the practices.
  • Confirmation of treatments received by handwritten electronic signature.
  • Ability to update data on an ongoing basis.
  • Licensing model based on number of signatures.
  • Increasing the security of stored data in the cloud.
  • Speed up registration and customer service.
  • Savings due to lack of document printing costs.
  • Elimination of mistakes made when filling in documents.
  • A modern image for the beauty industry.
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