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10 million signatures via signaturiX

More than 10 million signatures have already been submitted via signaturiX. It is a huge success, the genesis of which lies in the idea.
10 million signatures via signaturiX

- Several years ago, we became interested in handwritten signature technology, performed on touchscreen devices. We saw great business potential in this technology. After a year, we already had our own working prototype of the system. - explains Tomasz Ostaszewski, CEO of Xtension.


SignaturiX allows signing a PDF document with a stylus on a tablet. The technology used to collect and store biometrics data and the mechanism to create the final PDF file, along with the external services supporting the process, makes the document signed by signaturiX meet the requirements of Polish civil law. This means that it has the same legal value as a hand-signed paper document.


Xtension has established strategic partnerships with Samsung and Asseco Data Systems. SignaturiX actively uses trust Services from Certum and Samsung signature devices. This collaboration not only enables documents to be signed with biometric handwritten signatures anymore, but now also with a qualified advanced electronic signature (QES) and a simple electronic signature with SMS code confirmation.


The best advertisement for the product are the stories of our customers. The solution has been implemented in many companies, bringing tangible benefits to individual businesses. Santander Leasing pioneered the biometric signature in the leasing industry in Poland. It was mainly driven by the desire to optimize processes and concern for the environment, as the conclusion of more than 40,000 contracts per year involved a huge paper consumption. Today, more than 80% of transactions are done electronically.


The Polsat Plus Group, as part of its corporate social responsibility, also decided to reduce printed documents. Already within the first month of implementing signaturiX, the company saved nearly 3 million sheets of paper, which saved a hectare of forest, and significantly reduced expenses related to the circulation and archiving of traditional documents created in sales service points across Poland.


InPost shortened the process of signing documents and returning them to the sender to a few minutes. Before the implementation of signaturiX, the whole thing took a minimum of three working days and absorbed additional resources, related, among other things, to the entire logistics cycle of shipments. Lokum Deweloper optimized the process of apartment acceptance. By moving away from traditional documentation, it reduced costs, and received a positive response from their customers, who praised the company's green approach.


The key benefits of implementing signaturiX can be divided into several groups. First: the system allows for process optimization, streamlining internal communication, archiving and document workflow. Second: thanks to signaturiX, companies can save really big money, previously spent on paper, printing equipment, toners, stamps, courier and all other operations, related to document circulation. Third: the system significantly speeds up the signing of contracts, confirmation of approvals and identities, annexation of agreements and analogous legal actions requiring the signature of the parties. Not without significance is also the issue of environmental protection, which for many of our clients was one of the key motivations for implementing signaturiX. Modern technology makes it possible to move away from traditional paper. The more entities decide to take this step, the more forests we will preserve.


With the rising cost of paper and its processing, the increasing awareness of companies and customers related to ecology, there is no turning back from paperless solutions. It is not a matter of the distant future. More and more organizations around the world are now implementing them.

Thanks to the signaturiX solution the 10 million signatures have been submitted and therefore saved:

  • 200 million liters of water,
  • 200 thousand reams of paper,
  • 94 thousand printer toners,
  • 17 thousand trees were saved from being cut down.

These numbers are impressive, aren`t they? Join signaturiX`s #paperless family!

Publication date: 21 November 2022
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